Cultural Mobility & Transfer in Island Contexts



Authorship and coordination: Anne Martina Emontsss-viceroy-of-india-19362

Host institutions: CIERL-UMa (others still in equation)

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  • Lia Caldeira


Islands, in particular the Archipelago of Madeira, have always been (and still are today) spaces that, in an acute way, have been exposed to not only climatic influences, but also economic and political due to their insular condition, as well as (perhaps even above all) cultural influences. Natural disasters and climate changes, the commerce of specific products, migratory waves, scientific and touristic interests, its strategic-military situation and other factors make the Archipelago of Madeira a particularly interesting case study to assess the phenomenon of “cultural transfer”. Focusing on the several processes of “cultural transfer” we have present, it is important to identify both the domain of its cultural exchange, as well as its agents. The evocation of what represents/has represented the heritage of flemish art on Madeira since the 15th century, or the signalization of the economic, ecologic, but also, most recently, cultural impact of tourist activity, are just two of many case studies we mean to analyze.

For what reason, how and to what extent was this insular space particularly sensitive to the clash of cultures, as well as of cultural trends? How were these phenomena accepted and/or rejected – discourses, respectively – on Madeira and what affinities or specificities characterize those cultural transfer processes locally, when compared to other insular spaces? These are some of the issues that will guide the transdisciplinary tasks included in this line of research. This research will be mostly based on, according to the respective theoretical framework (Michel Espagne, among others), the analysis of case studies.

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