• II INSULA International Colloquium. World War I & The Island Worlds

  1. a peer reviewed book (selected papers resulting from the conference)
  • I INSULA International Colloquium. Peripheral Discourses of Modernity(ies)

The Organising Committee of the 1st International Conference INSULA would like to encourage presenters to submit their papers to:

  1. the special issue of Urban Island Studies jornal dedicated to ‘Peripheral Discourses of Modernity’ (papers must concern islands and be written in English. Urban Island Studies is a peer-reviewed publication. This special issue will be open to author who didn’t presented papers at the colloquium)
  2. the peer reviewed book Discursos Periféricos da(s) Modernidade(s) (selected papers resulting from the conference, which do not fit the language and/or thematic scope of Urban Island Studies).