Duarte Santo

Duarte Santo – Architect, curator and researcher focusing on Land, Sea and Tourism with a special interest in Small Islands and Island spaces, the role played in the activation of certain ideas of place, the process of appropriation and transformation of space by tourism, image and the subjectivity of these territories.

Graduate in Oporto School of Architecture, Duarte is PostGraduate in Planning and Design of the Urban Environment, holds a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, and is pursuing his Doctoral Research degree at the University of Westminster, London. Along with a solid academic background, a strong practice base characterises his career, individually or in collaboration with artists and international practices like OMA-Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

Published the chapter “Paisaje, arquitectura y turismo. El vino como excusa ” in the book” Turismo del vino. Análisis de casos internacionales”, Editorial UOC, Barcelona, winner of the 2012 Gourmand Award for the best book in wine tourism and presented the study “A dos velocidades: Paisaje y Turismo in Madeira, entre la via rapida y los miradores” awarded the highest distinction by the jury of the Masters of Landscape Architecture, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in Barcelona. He curated the international workshop “Landscape & Tourism” in Zagreb and the exhibition “A2V: gazes, visions and expressions of the contemporary landscape of Madeira.”, in 2013.

Duarte addresses Architecture as multidisciplinary, interactive with broader forms of artistic expression and pursues the exploration of tools for reflection on contemporary spatial, social and cultural dimensions.

+ info: https://westminster.academia.edu/DuarteSanto